Mediation is a voluntary. They shall be kept on a contractual basis for mediation or a court order to the director of the mediation. The agreement may also be concluded by expressing the consent was, the other party by the mediator's request for mediation. The agreement for mediation the parties shall determine in particular the subject of mediation, person to choose a mediator or a mediator. Mediation is conducted prior to the initiation, and with the consent of the parties in pending cases.

The mediator may be a natural, having full legal capacity, benefiting fully from the public rights. The mediator may not be the judge. Does not apply to retired judges.

Information about mediators of the District Court in Slupsk
Link provides information on Mediation- link to the Ministry of Justice

A link for those interested in mediation – Service

Komunikat Rzecznika Prasowego Prokuratury Okręgowej w Słupsku dotyczący obchodów Międzynarodowego Tygodnia Mediacji