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Announcement of vacancies in the prosecution of District asesorskich in Slupsk, Lebork and Chojnice – PO II K 113.24.2016

Slupsk, 22 July 2016.

PO II K 113.24.2016



about vacancies in prosecutors' offices of District asesorskich

in Slupsk, Lebork and Chojnice

District Attorney announces in Slupsk, iż dysponuje dwoma wolnymi etatami asesorskimi w Prokuraturze Rejonowej w Słupsku oraz po jednym etacie asesorskim w prokuraturach rejonowych w Chojnicach i Lęborku.

People interested in the offer are invited to submit relevant documents:

– request addressed to the Attorney General through the Attorney

Okręgowego w Słupsku ,

– CV,

– HR survey,

– photocopy of a document certifying the right to obtain a master's degree,

– information from the National Criminal Register of criminal records,

– medical certificate of fitness to perform the function of assessor,

personally in the District Prosecutor's Office in Slupsk or by mail to the address:

District Prosecutor's Office in Slupsk

st. Leszczynski 10

76-200 Slupsk

Registration deadline is 22 August 2016.


In the case of sending mail documents , postmark.

Dodatkowe informacje można uzyskać w Wydziale II Organizacyjnym Prokuratury Okręgowej w Słupsku tel. 59 844 53 368 or 59 844 53 370.

Deadline for convening the meeting of the College District Prosecutor's Office in Slupsk, which will consider the proposals for appointment to the post of assessor will be given to the message later.



Faculty II Organizing

W-Z cake. Zbigniew Majchrzak

Prokurator Prokuratury Okręgowej