The message of the District Prosecutor in Slupsk - PO IV WOS 0610.27.2017

Slupsk, 16 marca 2017r.

PO IV WOS 0610. 27 .2017

PR 3 Ds. 358.2017

Communication No. 27 /17
(dot. sexual intercourse with a minor)

District Prosecutor's Office in Slupsk opened an investigation into multiple bring minor, below 15 years, girls to sexual intercourse, which means. an act Article. 200§ 1 month, which carries a penalty of 12 years imprisonment.

On 10 marca 2017r. presents the resident gm. Kobylnica, 26-year-old Arkadiusz P. allegations of a, that:
And in the period from July 2016. January 2017r. acting repeatedly and at short intervals caused minor for sexual intercourse, which means. to act with Article. 200§ 1kk in conjunction. Article. 12 kk,
II at the same time had a violation of the law marijuana, amphetamine and ecstasy tablets on an unspecified amount, which means. to act with Article. 62 section 1 of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction,
III at the same time , violation of the law repeatedly gave three minor girls marijuana, amphetamine and ecstasy tablets of unknown quantity, which means. to act with Article. 58 paragraph. 2 Act on counteracting drug addiction.

Questioned as a suspect Arkadiusz P. He pleaded guilty to only the second of his alleged acts, and complex explanations stated, that he did not know, that the victim has 13 years.

At the request of the prosecutor, They used his detention period 3 months, which means. of 6 June 2017r.

Deputy District Prosecutor in Slupsk
Sylwia Knapik