Communication Spokesman – PO IV WOS 0610.20.2018

Slupsk, 16 lutego 2018r.

PO IV WOS 0610.20.2018

Communication No. 20/18

( dot. Week Assistance to crime victims)


Kindly inform you , that in the days 19 -25 February 2018,,pl,Additional information can be obtained at the Department of Organizational IV District Prosecutor's Office in Slupsk tel,,pl,where the proposals will be considered for appointment to the position of assessors will be given to the message later,,pl,IV Department of the Organizing,,pl,The LOV g e n e asesorskich vacancies in the prosecution of the District Slupsk Chojnice,,pl. in units of the district prosecutor's office in Słupsk, which means. in the District Prosecutor's Office in Slupsk and district prosecution offices in Slupsk, Lebork, Chojnice, Miastku, Bytow and Człuchów, previous years, there will be "Week of assistance to victims of crime '.

As part of its celebrations in all units of the prosecution indicated prosecutors will be appointed to provide legal advice to victims and persons offense , who feel aggrieved persons .

Legal advice will be provided at the premises indicated above, the prosecution units in hours 9.00 – 15.00, a konkretne miejsca pełnienia dyżurów oraz nazwiska prokuratorów udzielających porad prawnych będą zamieszczone na tablicach informacyjnych poszczególnych prokuratur.



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